It seems that there now is a plethora of Home Exchange sites and one can only guess at the reasons. Our motivationfor putting this website out there is to announce to all our friends and their circle of friends our desire and willingness to exchange our home, a home we love and enjoy and wish to share with other like folk who enjoy to travel but who want to save the extra expense on accommodation and car hire. In this way we expect that we shall connect to our personal friend’s and marinade their interest to home exchange and our home exchange contacts from the two home exchange websites we have joined, can have more details about our home in the context of how we enjoy ourselves in our community and derive pleasure from our beautiful surroundings here in stunning Victoria. To our personal friends we ask them to consider what we term “cross-over home exchanges” i.e. come and stay with us for a few days before we fly off to enjoy your homes in other communities of the world and then return to your home to spend another few more days together before we fly home to Victoria -- or visa versa. To our friends here in Victoria who are "empty nesters" and might have "de-cluttered and downsized" we envisage them spreading the word to their friends, parents or other friends of their families who might want to vacation in Victoria and have a visit with their friends, parents or family without having to stay in cramped quarters. We in turn would love to home exchange with these trusted friends who want to visit our friends in Victoria, so that we can visit and enjoy their homes in all corners of the globe. Why Home Exchange? A unique opportunity to visit all corners of the Globe, a unique opportunity to pay no accommodation expenses, a unique opportunity to pay no car hire expenses and a unique opportunity to pay just the cost of the airfare to get to and back from the destination. How good a deal is that? There it is in a nutshell!!